Brakes and Clutches

Having your brakes checked and inspected regularly is a vital part of the regular safety checks for your vehicle.


Your brakes are one of the most important aspects of your car and they are made up of many components, such as discs, pads, shoes, callipers, cylinders, hoses etc. etc. In most cases, the only parts that need regular replacement would be brake discs and pads. As the vehicle gets older, it is more likely you will need to replace brake hoses, pipes, callipers and cylinders. Regular servicing will highlight when these items are starting to deteriorate and need replacing. We only use components that meet original equipment specification.

An often overlooked part of your braking system is its operating fluid. This fluid is hydroscopic in nature and as it absorbs moisture, its boiling point is changed and its efficiency drops. We believe it is essential to check this fluid regularly and at every service, a hydroscopic test is carried out.


It is essential your clutch is kept in good working order – no clutch will last forever! In time, the facings on your clutch disc will gradually wear away and lose their efficiency, ending up with clutch slip. If left, the material on the clutch disc will fail completely and all drive will be lost.

During use, the clutch generates heat and this can crack and distort the engine’s flywheel on which the clutch runs. Our company always checks the flywheel when changing a clutch for any cracks, evidence of hot spots and degree of movement if it’s a dual mass flywheel.

Heavy or stiff clutch action can be down to a partial seizure of the clutch release fork or the clutch pressure plate. If this is not rectified, it can put extra strain on the hydraulics of the clutch operating system